2019 Projects & Talks

Curatorial Statement by Nato Thompson, Artistic Director
Here explodes the Wunderkammer
A room of research, the early Wunderkammers, or cabinets of curiosities, or Kunstkammers, or even wonder rooms of the 16th and 17th centuries, presented an architectural prodigious display of artifacts garnered and pilfered from across the seven seas. Wrapped up in natural history, a high dose of colonialism, aesthetics, alchemy, a pinch of theology... >>


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Sunday, August 4 | 3:30pm
New art market platforms relying on blockchain technology have been touted as the answer to democratizing the art world, but are they?  Without the participation of artists and a meaningful role for collectors, most online platforms are simply a digital version of those systems already available in the analog world.  Join us for a conversation exploring radical ideas in fractional ownership of art and a true paradigm shift in how artists and collectors can collaborate to create market disruption and dynamic innovations.

Misha Libman is co-founder of Snark.art, a technology laboratory in Brooklyn, NY exploring creative and commercial possibilities in art.  Misha holds a B.A. and M.A. in economics from the University of Chicago and studied film at the New School for Media Studies.

Sarah Conley Odenkirk is founder of ArtConverge in Los Angeles, CA, where she practices law and creates bespoke business strategies for artistic and cultural innovators.  Sarah holds a J.D. from the University of Oregon School of Law and is the author of A Surprisingly Interesting Book About Contracts for Artists and Other Creatives.
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Saturday, August 3 | 3:30pm
This talk puts into conversation two artists, Richard Pell and Stephanie Dinkins, whose work questions and interrogates the assumptions of what is natural as well as what the political underpinnings of the technological shifts in shaping what constitutes life. Whether the logical of capitalism or the fault-lines of race, the construction of the natural as well as what constitutes intelligence are foregrounded in an important critique of the technological revolutions occurring daily. 
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Bigert & Bergström is an artist duo living and working in Stockholm, Sweden. Through their career, Bigert & Bergström have produced and created art ranging from large-scale installations to public works, sculptures and film projects. Often with a conceptual edge, the core of their work is at the intersection between humanity, nature and technology. Incubator for Earthquakes is a kinetic dinner table sculpture and vibrating motor. From time to time the dinner table is subjected to an earthquake and the china begins to rattle even more vigorously.
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Bread Face is the international social media sensation known for smashing her face in bread. Performance art for the social media age, her sensuous bizarre actions have become a touchstone for a fast growing culture genre on the internet known as Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR). Her interactive installation, Self Facing, will feature baked goods created for the Seattle Art Fair. The public will be encouraged to play with the bread in whatever tactile way they feel compelled. The altered baked good will then be on display. This installation touches on themes ongoing in the evolving oeuvre of the ASMR internet sensation including somatic materials, domesticity and of course, voyeurism.
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In 2008 artist Richard Pell opened The Center for PostNatural History(CPNH) an alternative museum located in Pittsburgh. The museum’s focus is to
  1. Study the origins, habitats and evolution of organisms that have been intentionally and heritably altered by humans.
  2. Record the influence of human culture on evolution.
For the presentation at the fair, the CPNH presents a series of stereoscopic anaglyph photographs of specimens from their collection. These creatures are a collection of specimens whose genetic material have been altered by humans. Three-dimensional glasses will be available for you to view the works.
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Friday, August 2 | 1:30pm
Hear from three experts on the field of curating as they discuss models for exhibitions and institutions that they find interesting, and what this means for the future. Larry Ossei-Mensah, Susanne Feld Hilberry Senior Curator at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit, Paula Marincola, executive director of The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage, and Rita Gonzalez, head of contemporary art at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.
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Friday, August 2 | 3:30pm
In an exchange moderated by Shamim M. Momin (Senior Curator, Henry Art Gallery), the artists will discuss their experiences of working site-specifically for Desert X, among other projects, as it pertains to their very different practices, the presence of the body and physical experience across both analog and digital realms, and the politics of audience engagement. 

NANCY BAKER CAHILL (Cambridge, Massachusetts, born 1970) is a Los Angeles based artist who uses drawing, video, original sound, and augmented and virtual reality (AR and VR) to frame the body as a complicated abstraction, and site of ongoing struggle and resistance. Her goal with all of her projects is to offer unexpected perspectives to new audiences that in turn provoke conversation and affect a broader cultural dialogue. 

GARY SIMMONS (New York City, born 1964), a Los Angeles–based artist, utilizes icons of U.S. pop culture, architecture, and film in his drawings and paintings, which address personal and societal issues of class and race. Racial identity and politics are essential to his work, ruminating on how perception of the past creates uncertainties in the formation of present and future American society.

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Presented with Greg Kucera Gallery
Gregory Blackstock is a self-taught autistic artist who made his living washing dishes at Seattle’s Washington Athletic Club for decades. Now at 72, he has become an international figure in art, known for his time-consuming drawings ranging from canines to planes to historic homes. The four banners that will be displayed at Seattle Art Fair demonstrate Blackstock’s ongoing interest in the categorization and depiction of a range of folkloric, vernacular, and natural history subjects.

Artwork Titles: 
The Boxers
The World War II Lavochkins Russian Fighters
Colorful Egg Pattern Favorites to Go For
The U.S. Amercan Palaces - Historic
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Nadia Hironaka and Matthew Suib employ the tools and conventions of moving-image culture to offer counter-mythical visions of our contemporary world. Hironaka & Suib continue the centuries-old genre of still life painting, vanitas, in their massive video projection Vanitas MMXVlll. Here, common still-life motifs are completely unmoored from their tabletop arrangement. Bruised, molding and half-eaten fruit, broken glass and mirror, wilting flowers and skulls tumble slowly upwards. Vanitas MMXVlll destabilizes the traditional still-life subjects to reflect our current cultural moment, where formerly stable institutions that once embodied shared values are undermined while pride and avarice have been elevated to virtues.
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The Seattle Art Fair will present Live Editions, a pop-up printing facility within the fair. Two national artists, Mark Gibson and Molly Crabapple, coupled with local artists Klara Glosova, represented by Linda Hodges Gallery and Anthony White, represented by Greg Kucera Gallery, will have their artwork printed on-site by Pratt Fine Arts Center for a limited edition poster giveaway available exclusively during Seattle Art Fair.
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Friday, August 2 | 5pm

The visual art and music duo first met at the 2018 Seattle Art Fair, where McCready and his wife became intrigued with Neckel’s work, commissioning her to paint an abstract family portrait for their home. At the 2019 Seattle Art Fair, the duo will present their collaboration, Infinite Color & Sound, which includes collage, sculpture, painting, drawing, music and performance. Their performances are loosely choreographed environments where art and music are performed and created by both artists. Red Hot Chili Peppers’s guitarist Josh Klinghoffer will join the duo for their performance. Following the performance will be a Q&A with the artists. Their first performance occurred at Winston Wächter Gallery in March of 2019.

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Sunday, August 4 | 11:30am
Co-presented by Base and On the Boards
This talk will center around Morgan Thorson’s work Still Life that uses the gallery space as a container for an endurance-based dance work that at times functions like a slow moving still life and at other times resembles an ensemble dance installation. Thorson will be in conversation with On the Boards’ Artistic Director and Curator, Rachel Cook and Base co-founder and Choreographer, Dayna Hanson

Morgan Thorson: Still Life is co-presented by Base and On the Boards. The ensemble dance installation will run Aug 1–4 at Base in Georgetown. 
For more information & to purchase tickets visit 
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Presented with Hosfelt Gallery
Patricia Piccinini is an Australian artist who works in a variety of media including painting, video, sounds and predominately sculpture. She is interested in the relationship between the artificial and the natural environment, as well as relationships within families and between strangers. As part of Seattle Art Fair, Piccinini will be presenting two anthropomorphic sculptures made predominately of silicone and hair.
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Stephanie Dinkins is a transmedia artist who creates platforms for dialogue about artificial intelligence (AI) as it intersects race, gender, aging, and our future histories. She is particularly driven to work with communities of color to co-create more inclusive, fair and ethical artificial intelligent ecosystems.
For the Seattle Art Fair, Dinkins will present Not The Only One (N’TOO), a multigenerational memoir of one black American family told from the “mind” of an artificial intelligence with evolving intellect. It is a voice-interactive AI designed, trained, and aligned with the needs and ideals of black and brown people who are drastically underrepresented in the tech sector. The AI storyteller is trained on data supplied by three generations of women from one family, but the story is told from the first person perspective of the AI. Fair visitors are invited to talk to the sculpture and participate in its evolving knowledge.
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Saturday, August 3 | 1:30pm
The recent emergence of mega-fires has ravaged the globe, causing record-breaking destruction and loss of life. Explore the intersection of art and crisis during this discussion with artist Jeff Frost – whose compelling oeuvre “California on Fire” is the result of years of intrepid work behind the fire lines – and catastrophe specialist, Stephen Poux, Head of Risk Management and Loss Prevention at AIG Private Client Group.
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Sunday, August 4 | 1:30pm
This experimental panel allows the audience to receive a report back from the Seattle Art Fair from the mouths of the next generation of art enthusiasts. Moderated by Frye Art Museum Director/CEO Joseph Rosa, this panel will feature children ages 9-12 who arrive at the panel equipped with their favorite art works ready for discussion. 
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Friday, August 2 | 11:30am
Join an expert panel of professionals as they discuss what collectors should consider throughout the process of acquiring, possessing and change of ownership. The panel will include Marc Porter, Chairman, Christie’s Americas; Lynne E. Graybeal, Partner, Perkins Coie LLP; Ron Fiamma, Global Head of Private Collections, AIG Private Client Group; and Anthony McCormick, Counsel, Perkins Coie LLP.
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