2015 Projects & Talks

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Micah Ganske will collaborate with re:3D, creators of the Gigabot 3D-printer, to produce a limited edition object to be printed throughout the duration of the fair for select visitors. 
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Creative Lab includes interactive spaces within CenturyLink Field Event Center, highlighting artists who use new technology.

101/Exhibit presents Micah Ganske’s 3D printed sculptural cockpit in which the viewer is immersed a short virtual tour through the world of Ganske’s paintings and sculpture.

See Ganske's promotional VIDEO of Ocular EVA Pod.

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A signature exhibition within the fair focusing on new media, video, sound, and film works by some of today’s most compelling artists based in Pacific Rim & beyond.
Curated by Leeza Ahmady, Director of ACAW, as an extension of Asia Contemporary Art Week (ACAW). 

This exhibition activates Seattle’s geo-economic position in the Pacific Northwest of the United States as a significant new arena for transnational connectivity with creative communities based around the rim of the Pacific Ocean, and other regions of the Global South. THINKING CURRENTS consciously underscores individual art practices while examining common denominators and collective manifestations to stage the intensity of a wide range of pressing inquires launched by artists in recent years. Beyond a broad exploration of formal aesthetics, works reflecting issues of migration, the environment, identity, technology, nation building, conflict and stagnation within the various liquid and land territories of East and Southeast Asia are especially considered. “An investigation into the cartography of globalization—and the myths, realities, and dreams associated with our planet’s primordial yet last frontier: the ocean.”

Participating Artists:
Monira AL QADIRI (Kuwait City & Tokyo) • Burçak BINGÖL (Istanbul) • Patty CHANG (Boston) • Tiffany CHUNG (Ho Chi Minh City) • Alexis DESTOOP (Sydney & Brussels) • Jun NGUYEN-HATSUSHIBA (Ho Chi Minh City) • HO Tzu-Nyen (Singapore) • KATO Sawako (Tokyo) • KHVAY Samnang (Phnom Penh) • Lee KIT (Hong Kong & Taipei) • Charles LIM (Singapore) • Jawshing Arthur LIOU (Indiana & Taipei) • Tracey MOFFATT (New York & Brisbane) • QUI Shiming (Beijing) • Araya RASDJARMREARNSOOK (Chiang Mai) • Wael SHAWKY (Alexandria) • SUN Xun (Beijing) • Patrick TODD (New York) • Charwei TSAI (Ho Chi Minh City, Paris & Taipei) • Alexander UGAY (Almaty) • Tintin WULIA (Brisbane & Jakarta) • Jamie ZIGELBAUM (New York) • Polit-Sheer-Form Office, artist collective: HONG Hao, XIAO Yu, SONG Dong, LIU Jianhua, LENG Lin (Beijing) • MAP Office: Laurent GUTTIEREZ & Valerie PORTEFAIX (Hong Kong)

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Creative Lab will include interactive spaces within CenturyLink Field Event Center, highlighting artists who use new technology. bitforms gallery presents Addie Wagenknecht’s mechanically assisted series of action paintings created with a small-scale drone aircraft. Among the most recent pieces are works on paper that incorporate heat- and UV-sensitive pigments, furthering her first explorations with liquid acrylics on canvas. Throughout the fair Wagenknecht will demonstrate her process creating a series of new works on canvas available for sale.  
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Moderated by Catharina Manchanda, Curator of Modern & Contemporary Art at Seattle Art Museum

A panel discussion with Raymond Boisjoly, Wendy Red Star and Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas

We are living in a moment when postcolonial discourse and questions of identity are pressing subjects in the landscape of contemporary art. In a global marketplace, traditional forms and symbols of Native American culture, ritual and representation have a life not only within native communities but are embraced by cities and regions to promote tourism and to create regional identities and histories--how do artists with ties to native American cultures negotiate this complex landscape in their work? This panel discussion will offer an opportunity to hear from three artists who think critically about visual culture and identity in their work.

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Founded in 2007 by Marc Fischer (b. 1970) and based in Chicago, Public Collectors is intended “to engage in collaborations with others who are dedicated to preserving the kind of cultural materials that museums and other institutions often disregard.”

Since it’s inception, Public Collectors has organized exhibitions and events, created exhibition opportunities for collectors, teaches, lectures, become a research source, and now creates its own publication.

Join Marc Fischer on Saturday, August 1 as he explores the relationship between public and private collections in the art world.

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For the final installation of Talk Contemporary, join the Seattle Art Fair and Natalie Jeremijenko in discussing her important contribution to the emerging field of socio-ecological systems (or xDesign) crucial in the Anthropocene during her talk Placing the GOLDEN SPIKE of the Anthropocene: On the Great Participatory Pollinator Project and other Adventures in BiodiverCITY. Natalie is helping us reimagine our collective relationship to natural systems through the use of attractions and ongoing participatory research spectacles to address 21st Century challenges. In this panel, she will explore strategies to redesign energy, food and transportation systems that can contribute to the common good, increase soil, aquatic and terrestrial, biodiversity and improve human and environmental health.

Among her many accolades, she was awarded the Pioneer Prize from VIDA Art and Artificial Life International Awards for her consistently brilliant portfolio of work over the past two decades (2014), granted Most Innovative People award (2013), most influential women in technology (2011) and one of the inaugural top young innovators by MIT Technology Review and 40 most influential designers. Jeremijenko directs the Environmental Health Clinic—facilitating public and lifestyle experiments that can aggregate into significant human and environmental health benefits.

Holland Cotter wrote in his New York Times review (9/22/09) of Jeremijenko’s exhibition at Postmasters gallery that it is “wise, witty and bracingly fierce."

Wired Science's review of Jeremijenko's Creative Biolody: A User's Manuel (2005) “… Natalie Jeremijenko is probably one of the three or four most dynamic people on the face of the earth.”

Talk Contemporary is a series of talks presented by Seattle Art Fair featuring leading contemporary artists working in a variety of media and disciplines. The artists in this series engage audiences with complex issues related to sustainability and climate change.

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In conjunction with the signature exhibition, THINKING CURRENTS, with New York based Curator and Director of Asia Contemporary Art Week Leeza Ahmady and the Hong Kong-based powerhouse duo, artists and architects Map Office: Laurent Gutierrez and Valérie Portefaix 

A keynote discussion on the role of the Pacific Ocean, historically and today; mapping a set of interlacing inquiries by contemporary artists around pressing environmental and geo-economical concerns within and around the Pacific Rim territories (Cambodia, Vietnam, Taiwan, China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Australia etc.) in connection to the Pacific Northwest and the world at large.

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