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The Collectors Circle, sponsored by Christie's, is geared towards the support and development of local collectors, the membership is an exciting way to experience the Seattle Art Fair, presented by AIG.

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Abstract Painting Mid-Century + Today

Abstract Painting Mid-Century + Today | Webinar

Abstract painting was core to the first distinctly American art movement, canonized in the mid-20th century as Abstract Expressionism. Over the past few decades, a rewriting of art history has been underway to more accurate reflect the diversity of artists practicing in this vein during this notable period. Panelists Dr. Marisa Kayyem and Kira Burge will trace the mechanisms furthering the rewriting of art history followed by presentations from practicing Seattle-based artists and abstract painters, Jazz Brown, Sue Danielson and Amanda Knowles. The webinar will conclude with discussion and audience Q&A.

Dr. Marisa Kayyem, Program Director of Continuing Education New York, Christie's
Kira Burge, Director, Seattle Art Fair
Jazz Brown, Artist, Represented by J. Rinehart Gallery
Sue Danielson, Artist, Represented by Linda Hodges Gallery
Amanda Knowles, Artist, Represented by G. Gibson Projects

Abstract Painting Mid-Century + Today took place on August 25, 2020.
New Media Artworks + Their Future Lives

New Media Artworks + Their Future Lives | Webinar

New media art presents unique challenges from a preservation and collection standpoint due to the rapid and ongoing evolution of technology. Artist and professor James Coupe and art conservator Liz Brown were joined by current DXARTS students to discuss how their artworks may exist into the future.

Liz Brown, Sr. Objects Conservator, Seattle Art Museum
James Coupe, Associate Professor, DXARTS, University of Washington

Rebby Montalvo, Ph.D. Candidate, DXARTS, University of Washington
Esteban Agosin, Ph.D. Candidate, DXARTS, University of Washington
Chanee Choi, Ph.D. Candidate, DXARTS, University of Washington
Rihard Vitols, Ph.D. Candidate, DXARTS, University of Washington

New Media Artworks + Their Future Lives took place July 14, 2020.
Developing Your Eye

Developing Your Eye | Webinar

A panel of experts addressed frequently asked questions about starting or building your collection of visual art. They also provided recommendations on topics such as where to find new artists, how to approach buying art online, and what resources they use to stay current in today’s marketplace.

Eric Bennett, Senior Manager, Amazon Imaging Services
Kira Burge, Director, Seattle Art Fair
Sarah Traver, Director, Traver Art Gallery
Kathryn Widing, Specialist, Post-War & Contemporary Art, Christie’s

Developing Your Eye took place April 21, 2020.

Stay open and curious. Let art push you in new directions. That's what artists do: help you see things from new perspectives."

Sarah Traver