Everything You Need to Know About Attending the Seattle Art Fair

July 29, 2019
Whether you’re a veteran of the art fair scene or planning to attend the Seattle Art Fair for the first time this week, there is a lot to see and do.

Packed into the CenturyLink Field Event Center will be over 100 galleries with countless works of art from a multitude of artists. This is not to mention the thousands of patrons who will be strolling the aisles to experience everything on offer, from the art on the walls to the full slate of Projects & Talks taking place. Did we mention the food? Signature cocktails? An open-to-the-public VIP After Party? The list goes on. 

To ensure you squeeze every last drop of goodness from our annual four-day event, we're here to help! 

Attendees admiring artwork from Shift Gallery Seattle at the 2018 Seattle Art Fair.

First thing first, and we simply cannot stress this enough, wear comfortable shoes!

The Event Center is a large, concrete-floored space and you'll be roaming aisle after aisle to visit (and revisit!) the exhibitor booths. Steps on steps on steps. The most steps, even. Take care of your feet and make them as happy as your senses will undoubtedly be. 

Before even setting a smartly-shod foot across our threshold, browse our website to preview some of the artwork the galleries will be bringing to the fair. Read more from our blog about where to begin your journey. This is a great way to plan for your visit, and you can look for your favorite artists, familiar gallery names, and get a glimpse of what our exhibitors will be bringing.

Whether you opt for the sneak peek preview online or you prefer to be wowed when you arrive, keep in mind the gallerists and those curating the space have a main priority: to chat with you! 

An attendee speaking with a gallerist from Yufuku Gallery at the 2018 Seattle Art Fair.

Each of them has insight to share and are caffeinated appropriately to discuss, at length, every detail of the art they're presenting. Ask them questions, big or small, and they'll fire back friendly info to broaden your understanding of the work in discussion and the wider scope of the fair itself. 

Imagine them as your enthusiastic and readily available guide, except they’re everywhere and eager to up your art game. And yes, they’d love for you to buy some art, too, though no purchase is required to be exposed to their wealth of knowledge.

If you’re looking for more formal guidance through the fair, we offer Docent Tours, which can be purchased as an add-on to your ticket. These undeniable experts will walk you through the entire space, offering themes, facts, figures, and cute puns and one-liners. You'll be an expert in no time - to that of a well-traveled art professor.

While the assistance from others is a great start and will get you going in the right direction, the biggest part of an art fair is self discovery. 

We want nothing more than for visitors to come away from their time at the Seattle Art Fair having gained a further developed sense of what art is to themselves - what their tastes are, what styles they prefer, what they'd like to experience every day in their home or office. It's all about how the art moves a person and how they can continue to evolve and define their preferences. 

Attendees admiring artwork from the 2018 Seattle Art Fair.

Have a conversation with yourself during the fair. Contemplate the emotions you feel as you gaze upon the wondrous pieces on offer. Head home (with feet that could easily walk another few miles – we’re not kidding about the shoes) feeling assured and empowered by your now refined artistic preferences. You’ll be glad you did.

We hope this gives you some insight into what your time at the fair could be like. Most importantly, our hope is that whatever you take away, whether in the form of a purchase or an expanded perspective, you feel closer to the subject matter than you ever thought possible.

The fifth edition of the Seattle Art Fair is taking place at CenturyLink Field Event Center from August 1-4. Tickets are on sale now.

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